Meridian OneCap Credit Corp

Meridian OneCap Credit Corp provides customized leasing solutions both to help companies sell equipment and to companies that have chosen to lease equipment, rather than buy. And for the end user, Meridian can help you to preserve working capital in your business, while benefiting now from the use of the equipment.


Leasing finance offers key benefits for both businesses

Quick Facts:
  • For a business, leasing allows you to meet your strategic priorities. Stay current and maximize your efficiency by investing in equipment and technology systems. Buy what appreciates and lease what doesn’t. Or if you need to conserve working capital, lease now and buy later with one of our many purchase options. You can even tailor payments to cash flow.


We customize a leasing solution from among our unique range of products to create the ideal program for your business.

Quick Facts:

Our customized leasing programs may include:

  • $10 purchase options
  • Fixed price purchase options
  • Fair market value options
  • Progress payments
  • Variable payment structures
  • Seasonal payment structures
  • Step payment structures
  • Rebate programs
  • Rate buydowns
  • Low interest programs
  • Lease with maintenance


We have created tailored leasing solutions for key types of equipment as a starting point.

Quick Facts:

These include:

  • agricultural equipment
  • fitness equipment
  • point-of-sale systems
  • audio/visual equipment
  • industrial equipment
  • transportation
  • automotive equipment
  • machine tool equipment
  • technology systems
  • business and office equipment
  • manufacturing equipment
  • waste management equipment
  • communication equipment
  • material-handling equipment
  • woodworking equipment
  • construction equipment
  • medical equipment
  • lawn care and golf course equipment

Credit Application:

Meridian Credit Application English

Meridian Demande de Crédit Français

We are still new to this particular program, but if you have questions Jocelyn in Financial Services will do her best to get them answered. Contact her:

By phone at (506) 839-2442 or by email at