Hall Bros. Rentals

If you have a small project to do, we have the equipment to help you get the job done.  We maintain a few pieces of rental equipment for our service customers and anyone who needs a machine in a pinch.

Kubota BX23S Tractor/Loader/Backhoe
Kubota L45 Tractor/Loader/Backhoe
Kubota U15-HGS Excavator
Kubota U35-4GA Excavator

Call 506-839-2442 or email jocelyn@hallbrosenterprises.com for availability.


Daily Rate: 24 hours, with a maximum of 6 hours on the hour meter.
Weekend Rate: Friday afternoon to Monday morning, 12 hours on the hour meter.
Weekly Rate: 5 Consecutive workdays, 30 hours on the hour meter.
Monthly Rate: 4 Consecutive weeks, 120 hours on the hour meter.
Charges will be applied for additional hours.

Hall Bros. Rental Rates

Return Policies

Fuel: All machines go out with a full tank of diesel fuel and must be returned with a full tank or customer will be charged for filling the tank at the going rate.
Cleaning Charges: All machines need to come back in the condition they left.  If the machine is dirty there will be a cleaning charge.  All units need to be power washed.  Cleaning fees vary - minimum charge $50.00
Damage to Unit: If a unit is damaged it is the customer's responsibility to pay for all damages.  The replacement cost plus labour will be charged.

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